Ever browsed through an online or physical store, and wondered how that sofa would look like in your lounge, whether that wallpaper would go with your decor, or if you have enough room for that exquisite corner lamp?

Homeplay is a first of its kind visualization technology that will transform your shopping experience. You can now play around and choose from thousands of furnishing options, not just by looking at their pictures, but by virtually placing them in a computer generated 3D version of your own home. As you navigate through each room, you can customize every aspect of your decor, and see how everything looks like, before placing your orders.

So what all can you customize in Homeplay?
Well, literally everything. Let’s have a look.

Awaken the designer in you, visualize your decor, and shop in an entirely new way.

Our Team

A software engineer by profession, he has worked in the field of Architectural Visualization since 2004. Having vast experience in Virtual Walkthroughs and Computer Generated Imagery, he is conversant with the limitations of present day techniques, and hopes to break through with a solution which is both immensely powerful and incredibly easy to use.

He is an electronic engineer from King’s College, London with experience in Robotics and Data Analysis. He moved back to his hometown to start his own company, and apply his skills in design and technology to develop a high quality product useful for everyone.